Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Buying traffic at Hitleap

Buying traffic requires some common sense. Here's why:

If you buy, let's say, the cheapest option, you buy the traffic for over a 150% of its price - that can be seen better if you compare the prices for the lowest option and the highest one.

That's why you should think about some real investment instead of playing with the little ones - it just saves your money. It's a very old rule in economics - better to buy more at once than to buy little portions every day.

It's the same with Hitleap: if you buy more at once, you will pay much less!

Buy traffic now at Hitleap:

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hitleap updated its... traffic!

Hitleap has updated their algorithms, so now the traffic seems to be of much better quality!

If some of you have been having problems with poor Hitleap traffic quality at Linkbucks, now it's solved - it can DOUBLE your earnings there now, as the traffic has much higher CPM(you get more for 1000 views then before).

HitLeap Traffic Exchange

I wish you great earnings & see you there!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hitleap leverage

A couple of posts earlier there was some stuff about your downline - your referrals. On Hitleap, when you refer someone, you earn additional 20% of what your referred person earns. So, if you refer only one person and that person earns only 500 minutes a day - you get 100 additional minutes!

Let's outline some possibilities:

100 minutes a day from one referral gives you about 300 views, which should make you around $0.5 at Linkbucks. It's not much, but your referrals can make a lot more minutes than that.

So, if you refer one semi-active member, you get $0.5 additionally a day

If you refer 10 people, you got $5 a day

If you really have many friends and refer 100 people, you can get... $50 a day!

Let's make it to weekly earnings: $350

...and monthly: $1500

Quite impressive, given that it's earning completely on autopilot, even while you're asleep!

Go ahead and give it a try:

HitLeap Traffic Exchange

Have great earnings!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hitleap - Buy traffic option

After you make some dime with Linkbucks and Hitleap, it's wise to think about leveraging the business. One of the ways is to increase the revenue is to buy traffic and happily, Hitleap allows you to buy it.

Once it's bought, the return on that investment should be around 150-220%, depending on what kind of traffic you get(especially, from which country will it be), so it is a good opportunity to think of.

Stay tuned & have fun earning!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Benefits of Hitleap upgrade

After(or even before) reaching some income, it is good to think about reinvesting earned money to get the snowball running. You can start with upgrading Hitleap - your main source of views.

The main benefit of upgrading Hitleap is that you earn your minutes at 100% ratio - it means, for every minute you have Hitleap Viewer on, you earn one minute of traffic.

The other benefit is that you can set the source of views as NOT coming from Hitleap - it's quite useful when you want more safety.

You also get more website slots(5 in lite version, 15 in complete premium), so you can boost your views. Combined with your downline(refferals) minutes, it can even quadruple your earnings - so you'll get OVER $1000/month.

HitLeap Traffic Exchange

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hitleap settings for Linkbucks links

Important stuff today: view time at Hitleap

If you want to maximize your Linkbucks earnings with Hitleap, you should set your link's view time to random, but within the 10-20s range. This way, Linkbucks will count almost every view, instead of losing some small amounts on the way.

Just go to Hitleap.com, click "My Websites" button and look for time in seconds, displayed just under "Hits" statistic of your link. Click it and set it as described above.

Have great earnings!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hitleap downline

With Hitleap, you can get 1000's of views daily.

But do you want to multiply it 10-fold?

My advice here is: build a downline!

Here's some math:

Your Hitleap viewer daily: $6 a day from Linkbucks.

When you refer someone, you get 20% of their minutes(you don't take it from them, they earn the same amount of minutes, being your referral or not - so it's a win-win situation). So, if they are earning $6-worth views a day, you get additional $1,2.

Let's say you refer only 10 people:

$1,2 * 10 + $6 = $18/day

$18 * 30 days = $540/month for YOU!

Pretty neat, huh? It may not be the whole worlds' fortune, but remember - you get it every month on AUTOPILOT!

You can literally sit on your chair and do nothing, and it will still earn bucks for you!

Try it out:

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I wish you high earnings!